VUSAF Projects

Our projects are located in Andkhoi and the surrounding villages (in the four northern districts in the province of Faryab) as well as in Mazar-e-Sharif (the capital of the province of Balkh). You can find detailed information on the following pages.

It is our aim to educate Afghan children in the best way possible. Having worked in Afghanistan for more than 25 years we know we have to keep in mind the way of life and the many problems which still exist in Afghanistan. We are working together very closely with our partners in Afghanistan.

Were   visited our projects in the Andkhoi area and in Mazar-e-Sharif and have meetings with our partners in Kabul with whom we are also in close contact by email and skype when we are in Germany. As you can see when looking at the "Concluded Projects", our assistance has changed during the course of the many years - not because of mistakes but because the conditions in Afghanistan had changed.

In the map below, our colleagues have indicated some time ago the different projects which we carried out in the Andkhoi area. Since then we have built some more school buildings and water reservoirs.

Our assistance covers
- the support of the state schools
- our own educational projects for which we are fully accountable
- financial support for people in need.