Help for Schools

In the refugee camp in Pakistan we had been asked to rebuild schools destroyed in the war and after the withdrawal of the Soviet troops the opportunity arose for our association to help in the north of Afghanistan. In the province of Faryab around the market town of Andkhoi, 43 school buildings as well as smaller buildings, toilets, wells and water basins have been built. In the province of Balkh, we have worked 2004: In Mazar-e-Sharif and its surrounding area 16 large school buildings have been built. In the province of Samangan south of Mazar two more schools were built: Class rooms for over 75,000 boys and girls. However, this is not enough: The schools are often very large, so that extensions are necessary so that students do not have to be taught outdoors as is the case here.

The Ministry of Education has developed new textbooks and distributed them to the schools, but not always everywhere and for all children. There is also a lack of handouts for the teachers, who cannot yet work well with the new books.

Many teachers are not yet sufficiently qualified. Together with our project partners we therefore organize teacher training seminars. At our Education Center in Andkhoi, we also offer teacher training for teachers who already teach in schools. For more than a year, they are accompanied by an experienced teacher in their lessons. This is a very effective way of further training, which is highly appreciated by all. In our courses at 19 schools, teachers are also trained as assistants in English, mathematics, chemistry and computer classes.
Additionally, we have started training for school management staff, who are familiarized with modern management tools in various seminars and workshops and who, together with the teachers, seek solutions to their school-specific problems in a school conference. Parents and students are also involved in the School Development Council through joint activities.