Education Center in Andkhoi

The way to our own Education Centre = Markaz-e-Talimi in Andkhoi was long and not actually planned:
During our visit to Andkhoi, in 1998, we were asked by a group of teenagers to visit the English Course which they had set up. Offering tea and biscuits they tried to convince us to support their course by supplying books and to start computer courses. We were impressed by these young people and their eagerness to study. We decided to set up a computer centre and English courses.

Many obstacles had to be overcome. Once a gas bottle exploded and the whole house including computers burnt down; fortunately, no one got hurt.
It was not only necessary to acquire knowledge in English and to work with computers. Because of many years of war, there were not enough well qualified teachers working in the state schools. Other problems were missing text books and the long holidays.

Most of the students of the Andkhoi speak Uzbeki or Turkmeni at home but for the exams, of course, the knowledge of the offical languages Dari (Persian) and Pashto is necessary.


Many of the students could not pass the state kankur exam which was required for obtaining a place at university. Therefore, we first rented a house and started preparatory courses in all school subjects and, at the same time, tried to obtain the funds for constructing a suitable building. In September 2006 this was inaugurated in the centre of Andkhoi.

Still today students of grades 10 to 12 study all subjects to be able to pass the kankur exam but we also offer courses in English, Dari, Pashtu and mathematic to students from grade 7 to 9 as well as English and computer courses. After students finished 12th grade they have the opportunity to get special preparation for the exam itself.

Furthermore, there are courses to study calligraphy and drawing.
For the biology and physics tuitition a well furnished laboratory is available.

Around 1000 students are attending courses in the Education Centre year by year. Many girls-courses are run in a new building at Yuldoz-Lycee.

The library offers approximately 4500 books in Dari, Pashtu and English.

Every Thursday a group of students organizes a special show for their fellow classmates. There are quizzes, games, roleplays on problems in the society like corruption, drug abuse, dowries etc.