Concluded VUSAF Courses

After the end of VUSAF sewing courses, home courses, English or computer courses and the preparatory courses we have always started new ones. However, we have stopped our attempts of training carpenters or electricians in our Education Centre.  

Vocational Training

In Afghanistan skilled workers are trained in a different way than in Germany. A young man accompanies a skilled worker over a period of many years. In our workshop attached to the Education Centre we offered to train carpenters and electricians over a period of one year. In addition to the practical training, we were offering tuition in Dari and mathematics and (for the electricans) also in physics.

In the special workshop we trained 25 carpenters in three courses with a duration of one year each.

After bringing some changes to the workshop, we trained 24 electricians in three one-year long courses.

It was not always easy for find young men who were prepared to take part in such a course. We were not prepared to pay high incentives, but had to learn that the families expected their sons to make contributions to help their families.

Another obstacle was to find qualified teachers who were able  to teach in Andkhoi. Life in this area is very difficult (temperatures rise to above 40°C and it gets extremely dusty in summer). The trainers were not ready to force their families to live in Andkhoi.

In 2013 the workshop rooms were converted to the Women's Centre.

English and Computer Courses for Girls and Boys
in Chooghdak and Maqsadullah Shaheed Schools Mazar-e-Sharif

We were asked by the principal of the Khodja Abdullah Ansari-Schule in Mazar-e-Sharif to start English and computer courses at this school which ran for about two years. However, we had no office in Mazar-e-Sharif to regularly check the classes and found that the school did not do their share in checking these course. Therefore, we found some new teachers and moved the courses from this school to Maqsadullah Shaheed school which ran for more than three years. Schools teachers were trained and now the school can run their English and computer lessons on their own. Therefore, we handed over the computers, LCD screens etc. to the school.

Sewing Centre for Women and Training Workshop for Disabled Men








From 2001 to 2002 we ran a sewing centre for women and a training workshop for disabled persons in carpet making in Shamshatoo Camp in Pakistan where we also constructed 50 mud houses for Afghan refugees after the "War against Terror" made Afghans flee their country to Pakistan.