Concluded School Projects

2018: Bibi Zainab Girls High School (grades 1-12) in Kodebarq
(Province Balkh) (below)



2018: Middle School (grades 1-9) in Nawabad (Province Balkh) (below)



2018: A village school (grades 1-6) in Ganjkhana (District Khancharbagh)



2017: Sharenow Girls School in Andkhoi got a 2nd floor to accommodate computer room, laboratory and library in addition to classrooms: 

 2017: Moh. Sedique Shaheed in Mazar-e-Sharif (24 classrooms plus 6 admin rooms and conference hall): 



2017: Ghazi Amanullah School in Mazar-e-Sharif (24 classrooms plus 6 admin rooms and conference hall): 


2017: Khaliqdad School in Mazar-e-Sharif (24 classrooms plus 6 admin rooms and conference hall): 


2017: A school with seven classrooms plus teachers' room for the children of Arab Shah (District of Khancharbagh/Faryab Province) 

2017: A school with six classrooms plus teachers' room for the children of Altibolak (District of Qaramqul/Faryab Province)

2017: Rahmatullah Shaheed has now six additional classrooms and the old building got renovated:


2016: Kohna Qala got a building for their Nayestan school: 

2016: A village school was built for the children of Aq Masjid (District of Qurghan) 

2016: Maula Ali school for Hazara children looks good:  

2016: A building of Kulalkhana Girls High School got a second floor  


2016: Tawachi Boys School got three additional rooms fundes by Nothilfe Andkhoy  

2015: Construction of a 24-classroom building, toilets, guard rooms, water reservoir plus boundary wall for the Teacher Training Institute in Andkhoi (with funds from the German Foreign Office)

2015: A double storey school building with 10 classrooms, toilets and handwashing facility was built for Yuldoz Girls High School in Andkhoi (right) - (constructed with funds of the German Ministry of Development and private donors).




2014: In Mazar-e-Sharif (Province Balkh) we constructed a 16 classroom building for the Ahmed Shah Masood School for Boys and Girls (below left) and another six classrooms for Tajrobayee Girls School (below right) because the building inaugurated in spring was not big enough (Funded by German Foreign Office).

2014: 2 four-classroom buildings have been added for the growing schools in Shar-e-Now and in Alhandikhana (both parts of Andkhoi in the province of Faryab). The buildings can receive a second floor if needed in the future. The construction was funded by the Federal Ministry of Development and International Cooperation as well as private donors.

2013: School building with 16 classrooms, conference hall and six additional rooms for the Tajrobayee Girls Shool in Mazar-e-Sharif as well as 8 classrooms for the Ahmed Shah Masood School in Dasht-e-Shor (Mazar-e-Sharif) (funded by German Foreign Office)

2013: Construction of an 8 classroom school building for Arab Shah Primary and Khancharbagh Darul Hefaz, 4 additional classrooms for Khancharbagh Girls' Lycee (Province Faryab) (funded by BMZ German Ministry for Development and International Cooperation, EthikBank and private donors)

2012: Construction of an 8 classroom building for Tawachi Boys' School (District of Andkhoi) (funded by BMZ and private donors)

2012: Double-storey building with 16 classrooms for the Nader Shah School for boys and girls in Mazar-e-Sharif (Province Balkh) (funded by the German Foreign Office)

2011: Construction of three 8 classroom buildings in Mir Said Baraka, Qipchok and Ghejerabad (District of Andkhoi)(funded by BMZ and private donors)

2011: Double-storey building with 16 classrooms for the Fatema Zahra Girls School and construction of the upper floor with 10 classrooms and conference hall for the Khodja Abdullah Ansari School in Chooghdak/Mazar-e-Sharif (Province Balkh) (funded by the German Foreign Office)

2010: Construction of new school buildings for the Qazi Baba Murad School, for Kulalkhana Girls School, for Andkhoi Darul Hefaz Boys School, a second floor for Daulat Gildi Fidayee School in Andkhoi (District Andkhoi/Province Farayb) (funded by BMZ and private donors)

2010: 24 classroom building for Nahr-e-Top Girls' Lycee in Mazar-e-Sharif (Provinz Balkh) (funded by German Foreign Office)

2009: 8 Classrooms for Yuldoz Girls' Lycee, new classrooms for Abu Muslim Boys Lycee, new school building for Aigambirdi Shaheed Schule in Andkhoi (Province Faryab); school building in Aibak (Provinz Samangan), double-storey building for Maqsadullah Shaheed Lycee for Boys and Girls in Mazar-e-Sharif (Province Balkh)

2008: New school building for Khancharbagh Boys School (Province Faryab); new building for Agricultural Lycee and students' hostel in Mazar-e-Sharif  

2007: New school building for the Boys School in Chakman (District Khancharbagh); new buildings for Qaramqul Lycee und for Yussuf Mirzai Girls school (District (Qaramqul) (Province Faryab)

2006 - 2013: Support for Afghan Sulh-School for refugees in Peshawar (Pakistan)

2006: Construction of a school building for a girls school in Qaramqul, two new buildings for the Boys Lycee in Qurghan, new building for the girls school with financial help of 1 x 1 in Arab Shah (District of Khancharbagh), new building for the Daulat Gildi Fidayee School in Andkhoi (Province Balkh); construction of a girls school in Mohmandan (Provinz Balkh)

2006: Distribution of heaters to all schools in the districts of Andkhoi, Khancharbagh, Qurghan und Qaramqul (Province Faryab)

2005: Repair of an old building and construction of a new building for Rahmatullah Shaheed School; construction of a new building for the girls school in Yangitegerman (district of Andkhoi); construction of a building for the girls' school in Chakman (district Khancharbagh) 

2004: Construction of two girls schools in the district of Qurghan (Urgunchikhana und Bagh-e-Bustan), construction of a building for Khancharbagh girls school (District of Khancharbagh), additional classrooms for Qazi Baba Murad School in Andkhoi

2003: New building and repair of an old building for Yussuf Andkhoi School and construction of a girls school in Mirabad (district of Qurghan); construction of a building for Yussuf Mirzai boys school and for Altibolak girls school, school building for Qaramqul Lycee (district of Qaramqul); completion of a building started by another organisation for Tawachi girls school (District of Andkhoi)

2002: Additional classrooms for Abu Muslim Boys School, Andkhoi (Province Faryab), construction of a school building in Chooghdak/Mazar-e-Sharif (Province Balkh)

2001: Construction of a girls school in Watapur (Province Kunar)

1999: Construction of a girls school in Asadabad (Province Kunar)

1998 - 2004: Support for all schools in the districts of Andkhoi, Khancharbagh, Qurghan and Qaramqul paying contributions to all school staff, text books and other teaching materials 

1996 - 1998: Construction of schools buildings for the boys in Mirabad and in Khancharbagh 

1993: Completion of the building of Yuldoz Lycee (Andkhoi) which had been left uncompleted due to the effects of war

1988: Construction of school buildings in Mirabad and for Rahmatullah Shaheed south of Andkhoi

1985 - 2002: Construction of two schools and running of two and later three schools in Haripur camp, a school in Akora Khattak camp and two schools in Shamshatoo camp for up to 3.500 boys and girls

1986: Construction of the first VUSAF school in Nawikili (Peshawar/Pakistan) with financial support until 2004 

1986: Construction of a school in Pabi Camp.

1983: Financial support for a girls school with 120 girls of a refugee camp (Peshawar/Pakistan)