Concluded Other Help  

Winter Help

Since 2011 we distribute every winter clothes and food items to people living in refugee camps in Kabul. We also distributed coal to the widows and their families living on a hill in Kabul and to some poor families whom we know personally.

Former and present students of our sewing courses in Andkhoi and the surrounding villages work very hard to make Gopichas (traditional coat for small children padded with cotton) and dresses with trousers for older girls who are living in camps of Internally Displaced Persons in Kabul. 

This little girl was representing her family because her father had to work in the market to earn money and the mother could not come.  


The little boy was also very cold but could be persuaded to put on the new coat, socks and rubber boots and felt much better afterwards.

Each family receives 50 kg flour, 25 kg rice and 16 l oil which is enough to feed a family of 8 for about one month.   



Students' Support Fund

In order to study at university, school leavers living in the Andkhoi region have to leave home. Some countries give students' grants to the best students. Most of the school leavers go to Sheberghan, Mazar-e-Sharif or Kabul after passing the entry exam for university. Some are lucky enough to get a place in a university hostel. Others rent rooms together with some friends. For many families it is very difficult to enable their sons and daughters to study. It was therefore not surprising that we were asked to help.

Chicken Projects in 2009, 2010 and 2011

For many years the school staff received a very low salary which was not enough to feed their large families. Therefore, our colleagues in Afghanistan suggested the "Chicken Project". The idea was that every teacher, clerk or chowkidar working in a school would get 18 chickens and 2 cocks to start their own "chicken farm" to earn some extra money. There was a market for home produced eggs because they knew that lots of imported eggs were for sale in the area.  

At the beginning of the Chicken Project, one member of the family received training in how to keep chickens and how to build a shelter. Then the chickens were bought in Mazar-e-Sharif and transported to Andkhoi, Khancharbagh, Qaramqul and Qurghan districts. The income some families could raise was amazing. On average it was around 40 to 50 USD per months. 


Food Help in Andkhoi

During a particularly long period of drought in 2008 and for a second time in 2011 we distributed food packages to all school staff. Each employee received 50 kg of flour, 25 kg of rice and 16 l oil.




Warm Clothing for School Children in Andkhoi

The winter 2008/2009 was particularly harsh in Andkhoi. We were happy that we were able to distribute hats, scarves and socks to the small children