VUSAF Union of Assistance for Schools in Afghanistan and its partner organisation   Afghanistan-Schulen welcome you and would like to present our joint projects here in English.

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Afghanistan-Schulen -
Verein zur Unterstützung von Schulen in Afghanistan e.V.


Khosh Amadid  

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It is our wish to implement the following two project ideas in the near future when we have received the necessary funds:

For the ladies and girls living in the district of Khancharbagh we would like to build a library. Right now some of them meet regularly to do sewing, embroidery, read and write. It is their aim to have interviews with ladies of the area and write down their stories. One teacher who is also a writer is supporting them already.

For the students of a school in Mazar-e-Sharif are in a very bad condition. Some are studying in rented rooms, but many of them have to study outside. Their parents and other community people have already obtained some land and built a wall around it and now are waiting for us to start construction work for a proper school building.

The managers of our projects in Andkhoi and Mazar-e-Sharif have sent reports for our supporters in Germany and other parts of the world. We are sure you would like to read what they have to say:

Autumn report 20 Oct 2018.pdf





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