Afghanistan-Schulen and its partner organisation VUSAF
Union of Assistance for Schools in Afghanistan welcome you
and would like to present our projects here in English.
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Afghanistan-Schulen -
Verein zur Unterstützung von Schulen in Afghanistan e.V.


Khosh Amadid

Our first winterhelp took place on
5 December 2016 in Kabul.

Each of the 33 Familien - widows and their children who are living in Kabul on a hill - received 50 kg flour, 25 kg rice and 16 l cooking oil as well as fabric for one dress, a scarve and socks for the children. Our project partner writes:

"It was my first time I met these women. I have seen so many families living in terrible conditions in the camps in the past but it was another shock for me to see these widows living with so many children and without a man and with very little income. Most of the women are working in the houses of other people (doing the washing of clothes, cleaning of the houses etc.) and even one woman said that she is working in the construction site with men. So, these women are trying to feed their children and be strong against the problems. It was great that amost all the children (boys and girls) were going to school and it made me so happy and I thought that our next distribution would be note books and pens for these children and I think we can do it before school starts.

I talked with some of the women to know more about their life. Every family has different sad stories. One widow who still has a problem with her left leg walks only with a supporting rame; her two sons and her husband died in front of her eyes when a bomb hit their house many years ago, she was hurt and is till suffering from that. She is living with relatives. Another one is from Parwan. She lost her husband and her old son in a car accident around one year ago. Now she is living on this hill with her children, they came here because one of her relatives was already living here. She said that she is working in the houses to earn some money. The lady who is working at the construction site with men to earn some money said that she is not letting her children work, they are only allowed to go to school. We found this lady very strong. So each one had so many sad stories. We were all happy that we supported these women."

This was only the beginning: Internally displaced persons who are living in three camps in Kabul and some families whom the members of our project partner know personally and who they know are very poor will get some help in the coming weeks.

We would very much appreciate your donation to help these families. Thank you.


Project Visit

Twice a year members of Afghanistan-Schulen travel to Afghanistan to visit the projects in Mazar-e-Sharif and Andkhoi. Everything is going well and we are happy with the progress of the projects. Please read their reports for more details here or here.

At present, the Women's Centre in Andkhoi is getting a second floor and school construction is also going on. All educational projects are going well.

Afghanistan-Evening in Oststeinbek / Hamburg

Every year in autumn Afghanistan-Schulen invites their supporters and friends in Germany to the annual Afghanistan-Evening. The highlight was the video of the students of the sewing courses. The guests were moved to see how the courses had changed the lives of the students in a positive way - not only for the girls and young women, but for the whole family. In the break, the guests enjoyed the great Afghan food which the supporters had provided. Afghan music was played in between the different parts of the program and after the report by Marga and Tanja about their trip and the projects. We were grateful to Akbar, Cina, Aklil and Sohrab as well as Shekib Mosadeq and Aryan and Ehsan from the Hamburg Music School.



As in previous years, our team in Kabul wants to distribute 50 kg flour, 25 kg rice and 18 litres cooking oil to 200 families who are living in camps in Kabul in December 2016/January 2017. The clothes for the children were made by our women centre in Andkhoi and have already arrived in Kabul. 

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