VUSAF Union of Assistance for Schools in Afghanistan and its partner organisation Afghanistan-Schulen welcome you and would like to present our joint projects here in English. The German version you can find here:  

Afghanistan-Schulen -
Verein zur Unterstützung von Schulen in Afghanistan e.V.


Khosh Amadid  

Representatives of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban) have taken control of Afghanistan (except for Panjshir province). Negotiations for a new government are underway involving former President Karzai, Dr. Abdullah, and Hekmatyar.

In September summer vacations will end in Andkhoi where IEA took control at the end of June. Our representations has received written permission for us to continue our projects. The teachers and their students from our Education Center and the three women's centers are in regular contact.

In Mazar-e-Sharif, the two construction projects are continuing. At the moment the banks are closed.

On 16.8.2021, the new Education Directorate in Mazar-e-Sharif publicly announced that the schools will reopen under these conditions from 17.8.2021:

All girls' schools without male teachers will be able to operate without problems.
Female teachers and students from 10th grade should wear burqa outside the classroom. The others should wear hijab.
In schools,where both boys and girls are taught, teaching should be done in two shifts (gender separation).
Boys should be taught by male teachers and girls by female teachers.
If the school has a female principal, she will be responsible only for girls in the future.
Female teachers may teach boys until the third or fourth grade.
IEA will introduce a new curriculum later. 



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