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Khosh Amadid

Back from Afghanistan

You can read the report on our two week visit to Andkhoi (Province Faryab) and Mazar-e-Sharif (Province Balkh) here:

Some of the students of Moh. Sedique Shaheed School in Mazar-e-Sharif are still studying in such conditions:

However, construction of a big 24-classroom building has started and hopefully next year they will have a proper school building and better facilities to improve their education:  


The planting season started. Here the trainers of the VUSAF team in Andkhoi who took part in a workshop to discuss their projects visited a school where last year a new building was inaugurated to plant young trees to create a pleasant environment for the students.

A New Garden for the Womens' Centre in Baghebustan


WINTERHELP 2016 / 2017

From the end of December until the beginning of February VUSAF Kabul office with the financial help of the donors in Germany gave emergency assistance.

The winter is always very hard in Afghanistan but if you do not have a proper roof over your head, it is almost unbearable. Over one million of Afghan citizens fled their home and live in squalid conditions in make-shift camps.

Therefore, the VUSAF team in Kabul distributed food aid to 185 families (1150 persons) who live in such camps:

Each family received 50 kg of flour, 25 kg of rice and 16 l cooking oil.

385 children got traditional warm clothing which was made by our former sewing students in Andkhoi, as well as two pairs of socks and rubber boots.

190 women were happy about their new scarves. During the snow desaster at the end of January/beginning of February, the VUSAF team took bread and dates to some of the people who were snowed under.  

There they saw how the children were suffering. They only had some plastic rubbish for burning to keep warm.

So the VUSAF team bought coal and took 120 kg to each of the 39 families (widows and their children) who are living on a hill in Kabul. The children were especially happy because they knew that now they would not have to suffer the cold until the end of the winter. Only those people who remember the Second World War would know such suffering.

With 100 Euro we could help a family of 8 to 10 to survive the winter. We are very grateful that we could organise these winter help actions and support at least some of the needy people.



Afghanistan-Evening in Oststeinbek / Hamburg

Save the date:

11 November 2017 in Hamburg-Horn at the Horner Freiheit

Every year in autumn Afghanistan-Schulen invites their supporters and friends in Germany to the annual Afghanistan-Evening. The highlight was the video of the students of the sewing courses. The guests were moved to see how the courses had changed the lives of the students in a positive way - not only for the girls and young women, but for the whole family. In the break, the guests enjoyed the great Afghan food which the supporters had provided. Afghan music was played in between the different parts of the program and after the report by Marga and Tanja about their trip and the projects. We were grateful to Akbar, Cina, Aklil and Sohrab as well as Shekib Mosadeq and Aryan and Ehsan from the Hamburg Music School.



As in previous years, our team in Kabul wants to distribute 50 kg flour, 25 kg rice and 18 litres cooking oil to 200 families who are living in camps in Kabul in December 2016/January 2017. The clothes for the children were made by our women centre in Andkhoi and have already arrived in Kabul. 

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